• Welcome to the World of Bohème Design Sew

    Let's share the passion and inspiration of sewing. Start living out your own style and get creative. Take your skills to the next level and appreciate your craft.

    I‘m Simone, a professional pattern maker and textile designer at Bohème Design based in North Germany. I make it a point to design patterns with a great fit.

    My patterns for men, women and children include detailed illustrated instructions, which allows sewing beginners to expand their sewing skills.
    In addition, you will find video sewing tutorials for each pattern on YouTube.

    Each pattern includes extensive instructions on adjusting the pattern to your individual body.

  • Because it is important to me to establish a sustainably and appreciative approach to textiles, I love to help people become excited through developing the hobby of sewing.

    This includes an appreciation of slow sewing instead of fast fashion so that you can choose patterns that suit your style, while taking time for you and your hobby. When it comes to fabrics and materials, pay attention to where they were manufactured, as well as ensuring that they are produced sustainability, fairly, and ecologically.

    With time, sewing will become relaxing, and your sewing skills will become even better!

    Email to info@bohemedesignsew.com

    Art of Sewing